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The best ways to advertise Discord Servers

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This is the question all server owners ask themselves at some point. It’s not always the question they should be asking, but that’s not the point of this article. We have grown servers to tens of thousands of members using the strategies down below. We know that there are lots of popular ways people like to advertise discord servers which we won’t list down below. However, the strategies here are what we really used and what we had success with. Let’s jump right in!

1. Have a presence outside of Discord

This includes social media accounts for the discord, recruitment posts in forums and listing your server everywhere else you can. Creating the accounts is not enough though, you’ll have to actively interact with and reach out to people.

This point simply makes sense, if you’re in more places at the same time then more people are going to see your server. Things you can post include screenshots from your community (with permission), news around the topic of your community and so on. This requires some creativity, but the returns can be amazing and that’s why it’s one of the best ways to advertise discord servers.

2. Create content

This is very much related to the first point. If you create content around the topic of your server yourself, you can get attention and users to consume it.

You could, for example, write articles or make videos and then include a link to your Discord. If you do this properly you will not only be able to grow as a content creator but grow your Discord too. However, this point requires you to be genuinely interested in the topic and ready to invest time.

3. Offer value

Give people a reason to join your Discord. This works for all types of Discords, you just have to sit down and think of something you can do. Have weekly game nights, give people advice or answer their questions once a week if you’re an expert on something…

This is hard to specify in an article as it is very much about how unique you can make your Discord. Being unique and offering value and then telling people outside of your Discord about it is one of the best ways to advertise discord servers.

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4. Treat it like a business

This might sound extreme to a lot of you, but if your goal is simply growing your Discord Server, then treating it like a business is the best way to go.

Now first, this doesn’t apply to most of you, the people reading this. Why? Because your real goal is not growing your Discord, it is something else. We’ll have a guide on finding your Discord goals up soon.

Second, this doesn’t mean working on your Server eight hours a day or pouring money into it. It simply means looking at the whole operation in a strategic and thoughtful way. If the users are your customers, how can you sell your Discord to them? Once you understand the general approach to this you’ll know how to advertise discord servers and grow them to where you really want them to be.

That’s it!

Those are our tested and real ways of growing your Discord server. In the long-term, the methods described above will make you grow to where you want to be and have a healthy and engaged community on top of that. We know that spamming and partnerships with hundreds of server seem tempting at first and might gain you a lot of users. However, always keep in mind that you’ll be happier with an engaged community of 25 people, not with 1000 who don’t care. We hope you could take something from this article, please let us know what you think about it and how you advertise discord server in our discord down below!

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