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The best Discord bot for beginners

Discord can be confusing, especially when you are just creating your first server. There are lots to set up and before you know it your server is getting raided. Understanding how Discord itself works is the first challenge but bots are just as important. This guide is going to introduce you to our top pick for your first bot.


Dyno is our choice for the best beginners bot. It offers a wide range of useful features, but what makes it the best beginners bot is the web dashboard and superb support. By using Dyno you both get a good all-round Discord bot that has all the vital features necessary for moderation and logs and you can learn how to use discord bots in general in an easy and forgiving way.


Official Dyno website:

Official Dyno support Discord:

Uptime 4/5

Dyno goes offline from time to time but usually, that is related to Discord outages. And when it wasn’t, the developers managed to fix it very quickly each time during the months of us using the bot. Overall the uptime wasn’t any big problem here.

Comprehensiveness 5/5

The bot offers a web dashboard, which makes the initial setup very easy to understand. There’s also tooltips on the website explaining almost everything. The commands of the bot itself are easily comprehensible and users can understand what a command is supposed to do by only its syntax. The bot prefix can be changed and help is easily available.

Documentation 5/5

Again, the website does a great job of explaining what each command does. Some commands might require a bit of a deeper understanding to immediately understand, but that’s where the support staff can answer questions quickly.

Support 5/5

I don’t think I have ever encountered better support for Discord bots than in the dyno support server. Response time is quick and issues of all sorts are usually dealt with in a nice and respectful way. Just make sure to show the same attitude when coming there with a problem 😀

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Features 3/5

The bot offers a lot of different features and from our experience, it isn’t the best option at all of them. Its strong points are moderation, logging, roles, the tag system, info, and the afk system. All of these work really well and cover the vital needs a server has. Especially beginners should find all features to satisfy their needs. Aside from that it also offers things like music, fun commands, and other misc stuff. However, you can find better alternatives for almost all of those.

Updates 4/5

Dyno has an active and dedicated staff and development team who continually work on new updates. The bot just got a new public overhaul of the web dashboard which was a major upgrade from the last one. New commands weren’t added much to the bot recently (at least not many useful ones) but that can probably be explained with the focus on the new dashboard. Overall this bot is everything else than abandoned.

Web Dashboard 5/5

Dyno has a web dashboard and it works really well. The design is intuitive, changes are recognized by the bot quickly and all the options you could wish for are in it. One of the most complete Discord bot dashboards around.

Usefulness 3/5

Dyno offers all the features a server needs and many more on top of that. From our experience, Moderation and Security are the most important features a server absolutely needs to have. Dyno offers great moderation capabilities but we would wish for it to offer better security systems in terms of anti raid protection, filters, and automated systems.

Overall Score: 4.25/5

Dyno is one of the best all-around solutions for a single bot around. It offers exactly what beginners need to learn the basics of Discord bots quickly and can compete with some of the most intricate bots around. It’s the first bot we used and we could safely be using it right now on servers with thousands of members. The only reason we aren’t is that we prefer tailored solutions towards the specific needs of our discord instead of one bot to do them all.

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