Discord Bot Review: Gaius Cicereius


Gaius is one of our favorite security and moderation bots and currently used on all servers we run.

It offers a wide range of features and customization options and doesn’t try to be a one size fits all bot, which are qualities we really value a lot. Let’s jump right into the review!


Official Gaius website: https://gaiusbot.me/

Official Gaius support Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/GTzUvah

Uptime 5/5

The uptime for this bot is really good. It only ever goes offline for maintenance or updates and usually, that only takes a few seconds. You’ll pretty much always get an announcement when it goes offline, too.

Comprehensiveness 3/5

Gaius has no web dashboard and a lot of customization options using command parameters. While the documentation is excellent for the most part it can still be hard to understand for beginners. Once you figure it out it is fairly easy to use and commands tend to work as you’d expect them to.

Documentation 5/5

The bot documentation itself is really good, almost all possible parameters and commands you can use are listed in it and explained really well. With the way the documentation is set up, you can just go through each page and set the bot up while doing it, which is going to make you end up with a fully set-up bot and an understanding of the commands once you are through with it.

Support 4/5

While Gaius has a support server and the devs usually personally deal with your problems, there can be some delay before you get a response as the devs aren’t always around to help. The quality of the support is really good and your problem will pretty much get fixed every time, but the wait time can be daunting.

Features 5/5

One thing we love the most about Gaius is that it doesn’t try to do everything. That way the developers can focus on really important and useful features, which shows especially in the wide range of security and moderation. It excels in those fields, with lots of filters for swear words, invites, links or even images, a panic system, automatic punishments and so much more. You can essentially install Gaius and have all the vital needs a server of any size has covered.

Updates 4/5

You can leave suggestions and bug reports in the support Discord and each one of them will usually be dealt with or at least responded to. The devs are very focused on only adding actually useful features, which means that you won’t get new commands every week, but if there is an update it’ll usually mean a significant improvement in some field of use.

Usefulness 5/5

We’ve been using Gaius on all of our servers for months now and it rarely failed on us. The commands are all built to be as useful as possible and it has all of those you could need in any situation that might arise. Whether you are getting raided or someone is breaking rules, Gaius offers the tools needed to deal with them.

Overall Score: 4.5/5

Gaius has consistently stayed in our top 3 bots for months now and we don’t see why that should change anytime soon. If you only want one bot in your server and don’t need any gimmicks or you are just looking for an extremely solid security and moderation option, don’t miss out on Gaius.

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