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Discord for Content Creators

Nowadays lots of big content creators on platforms like YouTube have a Discord Server. In this article, we’ll go over the benefits you can gain by having a Server, talk about what you need and then go over how we can help you. Stay tuned for more!

The benefits

A Discord Server is your own Community Space

Unlike on other social media platforms, you make the rules on Discord. You decide what’s allowed and what isn’t which can prove to be a major benefit. It allows you for much more freedom than conventional social media while also giving you some level of control over your community. This is a big factor once your audience grows and you start feeling disconnected from your viewers.

Viewer relationships

The relationship with your viewers is very important in building a positive community. However, content creators often start struggling to maintain that relationship once their audience grows over a specific threshold. Discord comes in handy in providing a secluded space dedicated to you and your community. The nature of chat s much more personal than sending tweets or commenting on YouTube. This allows for real conversations between you and your supporters which is something everyone can benefit from.


People inside your Discord will generally be interested in your content. This means that using it to announce your content or events is going to reach all the people you want to reach. This factor has become much more important in recent times, where subscribers often don’t receive the notifications they were supposed to receive. Attention shouldn’t be the reason why content creators make their Discord, but it is definitely a benefit.

Positive reinforcement

Being surrounded by people who genuinely enjoy your content is extremely valuable. Nothing can help you more than posting something and receiving positivity and genuine feedback. On other social media, you will often find a mix of support, genuine criticism and hate. Discord as a platform tends to be more supportive and we have made great experiences using it for our own content creation.


The platform itself is fairly customizable but once you add bots to it the real fun begins. There are thousands of options to choose from and especially for content creators on various platforms support is guaranteed. Whether you need automatic stream announcements, Patreon integrations, social media tweets or features like moderation and security, Discord offers it all.

Partner Program

This one is especially interesting for all the Content Creators out there, as Discord actually has their own Partner Program. Benefits include a cool hoodie, better Servers, and even more customization options. Definitely worth checking out!

What you need

You’ll need a Discord Server (absolutely free), Staff who runs the server (usually volunteers) and some knowledge of the platform.

We recommend checking out our eBooks and guides on this website to gain knowledge on all of those. It isn’t too complicated if you learn it the right way and your community should be up and running in no time!

Problems you might face

  • Trolls
  • Raids
  • Various community-related problems
  • Staff issues
  • Security issues

Those are the main things that could potentially cause trouble in your servers. Thankfully most of them can be avoided by training staff properly, having clear rules and making sure your Server is set up in the best way possible.

Our Services

We, the DiscordTutorial team, have dedicated our time to the Discord platform. We gained our knowledge through years of running Servers ranging from a few hundred to thousands of people. It’s hard to find proper information and guides for Discord, that’s why we created this website.

Now we want to use this knowledge to actually help content creators and aspiring community owners.

You can buy a full Discord Server Setup, which includes consultation, Server Settings, bots an everything else you need. We offer customer support and revisions on top of that and promise to deliver a product which is worthy of your audience.

If you’re interested please visit Our Shop or join our Discord Server down below to ask any questions you might have. We’re ready to take your Community to a new level 😀

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