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How we evaluate Discord Bots

We at try to give our users the best possible experience. Part of what we offer are bot reviews and recommendations, so let’s talk about how we evaluate Discord bots.

There are actually multiple different factors we consider to create a bot rating. A great bot scores well in all of them and some are simply mandatory for a bot to be useful at all. Let’s start the list!


We are in no way affiliated with any of the bots or their developers. Transparency and providing actual value to our readers is much more important to us. The bots presented on our website are always the best choice from our own experience, therefore the only thing that might happen is that a good bot is not listed on our website because we simply haven’t tested it. If you feel like one is missing please notify us on our Discord!


This is one of the most important factors for us. A bot is worth nothing if you can’t actually use it. This factor is one of the baseline factors and all bots which don’t have an uptime of over 95% won’t even be considered. Obviously, this doesn’t apply to all bots as there are bots which don’t actually need to be online insider your server to work.


The easier a bot is to understand, the better. A user should generally be able to use a bot intuitively. This can’t always apply, as some discord bots simply offer very advanced and technical features but generally users should be able to understand what is going on.

Bot standards like a help command, a feature to change the command prefix or even translations are also considered in this category.


It should be easy for users to get a list of all features and commands a discord bot has to offer. A complete documentation should give directions for every feature a bot has to offer. Also, it should allow users to utilize the full potential of the bot without asking on a support server etc.


A dedicated way of support for a bot is crucial. Users should always be able to contact support staff in one way or another and then also receive proper help. We evaluate this by actually testing the support and looking at factors like response time and quality of help received.


Next up are the features a bot has to offer. How we evaluate these is dependant on the nature of the bot. A security bot should offer as many security features as possible and also have them implemented in a proper way. Other bots like music bots have a whole different set of features they should cover.

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Discord is getting regular updates and the bots which run on it should, too! Updates allow the developers to add new features, improve existing ones or simply improve the stability and security of a bot.

Web Dashboard

There aren’t too many discord bots which offer a web dashboard, but it can definitely be a massive quality of life improvement. Especially newer users often struggle with commands and a dashboard can really help them out.


We run lots of Discord servers, ranging from a few hundred to thousands of members in different niches. These environments allow us to test bots on a large scale to find out how useful they are in the real world. Too often do features sound nice on paper just to remain unused in a discord server.

Comparing specific features

Many discord bots do the same thing. Almost every bot has the option to ban or kick users and so it is important to us to actually compare bots. Only that way we can find the best bots and recommend them to our readers with a clean conscience.

Any recommendations?

Do you think that there’s an important factor we aren’t considering? Let us know in our Discord server down below!

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