Guide to Discord Markdown

You can use Discord Markdown to format your text in chat messages. There are a few basic things you should know about it and we’ll go over them in this Guide.

Bold Text

To make your text bold, put ** in front of and after the text.


To use italic text, put * in front of and after the text.


To underline your text, put __ in front of and after the text.


To strikethrough, put ~~ in front of and after the text.

Mixing Markdown

You can use different markdown syntax on the same piece of text, as shown in the pictures below:


Spoilers were introduced with a recent update. You can create one by putting two asterisks ||in front of and after the text. They will appear as black bars (as seen above) and only show the text if users click on them.

Spoilers also work for images:


Links are usually going to embed in chat (if set in the channel settings). You can prevent this by writing <>. Usually only used for rickrolls.

[thrive_leads id=’97’]

Code Blocks

You can use two backticks ``in front of and after text to make it a single-line code block.

Or you can use three backticks ``` in front of and after the text to make it a multi-line code block.

You can specify different coding languages inside code blocks to make the text colored, but that’s pretty advanced and rarely used so we won’t go over it in this guide. If you want to know more about that check it out here:

That’s it!

Those are the basics of Discord Markdown and you’ll usually not need more than shown in this guide. If you have any further questions please join our Discord down below:

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