How to create Role Categories in Discord

Role categories are a feature many users would wish for on Discord. Sadly, there is no official way of creating them yet. However, you can still organize your roles the way they are in the picture above, just follow the guide down below!

Step 1

Start by creating a new role and then deleting its name.

Step 2

Now, copy the Invisible Separator (u+2063) from this website. There’s a small “Copy to clipboard” button on the right-hand side:

paste it into the role name field once.

Step 3

Now copy the EN Space character (u+2002) from this link and paste it into the role name field after the invisible separator:

Step 4

Type the name you want the role to have into the name field after the invisible separator and the en space characters.

Step 5

Put another EN space character after the role name

Step 6

End the role name by pasting another invisible separator at the end.

Step 7

Change the role color to #2f3136

this way the border of the role will be invisible, making it look like in the picture above.


The full name should look something like:


Congratulations, you have just created your first role category! You might need to add some EN spaces on the left or right side of the role name to center it properly. Also, keep in mind that the categories might look weird on a few resolutions (mostly when viewed on tablets), but they will work fine for most users.

You now just need to add the roles you want to be displayed within the category below the role you created. Keep in mind that people will have a weird color in chat when the category role is their highest role, so it’s best to give them a colored role that is above their highest category. This is how it looks in one of our Discords:

Feel free to experiment with role categories and different ways of using them. We have found that they can help organize users and give a quick overview of servers where roles can be relevant because of platforms or regions. Sadly, this way of creating role categories can be patched anytime and we do not yet know of an official version from Discord themselves.

Want to learn more advanced Discord tips? Check out our Guide Section!

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Doesn’t work, border disappears but the text isn’t centre aligned like the pictures

You’ll need to experiment a bit with how many spaces you put to the left/right of the text to center it 🙂 The method 100% still works

Still working 100% fine in all my servers

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