Instantly improve your Server Permission System!

Most Discord servers are set up in very complicated ways and even if you know much about the platform some inefficiency is bound to happen over the months of using a server. Using the info from this simple guide is going to allow you to quickly go through all of your channels and roles and set the permission system up in the best way possible.

It is not unusual for channel permissions to look messy, we’ll tell you how to clean them up!

1. Role Settings first, Channel Settings second

Start by taking a look at all the functional roles on your server. You can set the permissions of each role in the Server Settings and then override those role settings in the channel settings. It is key to know that if you set a channel permission for a role to undefined (grey) it is automatically going to choose whichever setting is set in the role settings of all combined roles a user has.

The Server role settings only allow you to either grant (green) or take away permission (grey)

Sounds complicated? Let’s take a look at an example:

User A has, by default, all permissions the “@everyone” role has. User A also has the “Member” and “Level 1” roles. The @everyone role does not have permission to attach files in the server settings, but the Member role has.

If you do now create a text channel an don’t set any special permissions for it, User A is going to be able to attach files and do everything else all of his roles combined allow him to do.

In case the “Attach files” Permission is removed from the @everyone role in the channel User A is still going to be able to attach files because his “Member” role is located above the @everyone role in the Server role settings.

If you do now take the “Attach Files” Permission away from the “Member” role in the channel settings User A is not going to be able to attach files in the specific channel anymore, because the channel settings override his role settings.

2. Efficiency

Now that you know that Channel settings override Role Settings and choose the role settings when no override is set, you can use that knowledge to make your permissions as efficient as possible.

How to do that?

Well, you want your permissions set up in a way that is going to need as little channel overrides as possible. This means you have to find the optimal role settings. These obviously vary greatly from server to server. Start by looking at it this way:

USers with the @everyone role only should not be allowed to attach files in 9 text channels but they should be able to attach them in one specific media channel. This means that the easiest way of doing this is to deny the attach files permission for the @everyone role in the Server settings and then override that in the media channel. This way you only need to create one override instead of 9.

Use this concept for all permissions and all roles and your server will be set up in the cleanest way possible.

An example

Let’s say you only want people with a specific role to be able to attach files in a specific channel. Let’s assume the @everyone role is allowed to attach files in al other channels through the server role settings. The first step is to take the “attach files” permission away from the @everyone role in the channel settings.

Next, give the role you want to be able to attach files in the channel the “Attach Files” Permission.

This is going to make it so only people with the role can attach files in that specific channel.

This example shows you that having overrides in channels can be necessary at times. You should, however, keep them to a minimum.

Thanks for reading

We hope these tips can help you to organize your server a bit better and improve the permission system. If you have any questions feel free to join our support Discord down below and consider reading some of our other guides. See you soon!

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