Modmail – A must-have for every large Discord Server

Moderating and running Discord servers requires a lot of interaction between staff and users. Having a Modmail bot means that this process becomes a collaborative and transparent effort of the whole staff team.

Modmail acts as a central hub of interaction between staff and users. Once a user messages the Modmail, a new thread is opened within a Discord channel. All moderators and Admins can then discuss the issue and reply to it, all within the Modmail.

Disclaimer: There are multiple bots with the name “Modmail”. This review is specifically for the Modmail by Kyb3r. I am in no way affiliated with the creator of the bot.


What is Modmail?

Modmail is a free Discord bot which allows you to have a Modmail system in your Discord Server. This means that your users can DM the bot and that message is going to be relayed to a channel in the server.

This message can then be read by your staff team and they can discuss its contents and reply. Once the issue is resolved, the Modmail thread can be closed and a log of the conversation will be saved.

This is what the Modmail looks like in your Server Sidebar
This is what users see when they chat with the Modmail
This is what the mods see when a user chats with Modmail
Logs of conversations are saved externally and can be viewed any time


Kyb3r’s Modmail is one of my favorite Discord bots and I use it in all of my servers. You can completely customize the bot (down to the actual username and profile picture) and all of its vast features are completely free.

Regarding functionality and uptime it exceeds all expectations and allows for all changes I have ever required and more. You can change the automated messages it sends, who gets notified with a new thread, who has which permissions, what color the embeds have, the activity status of the bot, and so much more.

The only drawback is the setup of the bot. You can sadly not simply invite it to your server as it is hosted on Heroku (Which is absolutely free and requires no technical knowledge).

There’s an official setup guide for the bot which explains every step, so there should be no complications whatsoever, but the setup takes about 20 minutes. Once that is done, you never have to do any setup for the server again though and have full control of the bot, so it’s well worth it.



Support Discord Server:


Customization Guide:

Main Commands:

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