How to select Staff for your Discord Server

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Every Discord server needs staff sooner or later. Once you have a certain amount of users you simply won’t be able to moderate it all by yourself. Finding reliable people isn’t easy and if you are inexperienced lots of things can go wrong in the process. So in this guide, we’ll go over how to select the right staff for your Server. Let’s jump right in!

What not to do

There are some common mistakes lots of server owners make when selecting their staff. Usually, they are related to a lack of experience, not thinking strategically or just being naive. We’re going to list those we noticed (and have made in the past) and explain why they are bad.


Don’t select staff based on your personal relationships. There are a few factors you are looking for in staff and if someone doesn’t meet your requirements you shouldn’t give them the position. If you genuinely represent that position no one is going to be able to argue against it. When a friend asks me whether they can become staff in one of my servers I tell them to apply and I’ll treat them like everyone else.

Too much trust

Always try to only give people as many permissions as they need. Too many servers get wiped because of internal conflicts, disagreements, and other problems. This point requires an understanding of discord permissions and an active server owner. Sadly it is hard to really teach this point as the ability to understand your team is going to get better over time. Our advice is to not take any risks when you don’t need to.

Giving staff roles away

This is just a no go. We’ve seen servers where staff roles can be won through giveaway or level roles and it’s just bad practice. Companies don’t give jobs away through giveaways or customer loyalty programs, neither should you.

Focusing on chat activity

Activity is a factor when selecting staff however lots of server owners get it wrong. Chat activity alone shouldn’t be the deciding factor by far. We recommend simply using our list of characteristics down below.

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Some characteristics to look for


This point focuses on the knowledge about discord as a platform, as well as discord bots. This includes the technical understanding of everything and is one of the less important characteristics on this list. That’s because your staff members will be able to acquire said knowledge rather quickly.


Activity is less related to general chat activity and more focused on things like:

  • Checking important announcements
  • Contributing to team discussions
  • Moderation
  • Responding to pings

If a member can’t bring those to the table it might be best to put them on hold until they have time to dedicate to the server again.

Personality, maturity, and levelheadedness

This is one of the deciding factors. Evaluating it requires a bit of experience on your part. You’ll have to consider how a person deals with problems, whether they stay calm and collected when dealing with problems and whether they fit your team on a personal level. A good general rule is to come up with what you want your server to represent and then translating that to what you want from your staff. If your server is aimed at teenagers it might be good if the team can represent that while having teenagers in a team on a business-oriented server might be the wrong decisions.


Experience is another important factor. Don’t narrow it down to experience with running Discord servers but instead look at overall community management and moderating experience. Whether someone was moderating a subreddit, running social media accounts or organizing events in the real world doesn’t matter. All of the skills learned there can be applied to Discord.

Time zones and availability

Sometimes the deciding factor is what time zone a person lives in and at what times they are available. The optimal case is when your server is protected 24/7 and someone is always looking out for it.

Staff applications

We always select our staff through application forms. Usually, our platform of choice is a simple Google form with questions to fill out.

Try coming up with questions which cover all of the important characteristics and don’t forget to ask for people’s e-mail or Discord name so you can contact them!

That’s it!

Those are all the things we consider when selecting moderators and other helpers for our Discord servers. If you still have questions, want to learn even more about Discord or simply hang out with our community please join our server down below!

Should you use: Leveling systems?

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Welcome to the Should you use …? series. In this type of article, we’ll go over different strategies and features and discuss whether you should be employing them in your Discord. We’re going to make a start with leveling systems. Let’s jump right in!

What are leveling systems?

Discord leveling systems are implemented into a server using bots. These bots keep track of a users activity in chat (sometimes voice-channels, too) and reward the user with experience points. Once a user has reached a certain XP threshold, they are rewarded with a new level. Levels are often connected to new roles the user receives. These roles can unlock a different color, new channels or permissions.

If you want to know which bots are the best bots for leveling systems, check out our article here: The best Discord Level Bots 2019

Why and when you should be using levels

Let’s start this off with a list of points that speak for level systems:

  • Gives users something to look forward to
  • Encourages chat activity
  • Rewards loyalty
  • Positive psychological effects of making people with a high level act as mentors and guides
  • Some people really enjoy watching their rank go up
  • Allows the Server owner to lock access to channels or content behind a certain activity requirement

These are the main points which came to mind. As you can see, there are lots of different factors speaking for a level system, most of them aimed at activity and rewarding your users.

Leveling systems work great on general chill or hangout servers, as well as servers around a video game or communities. Something you’ll need to play around with is the parameters of the system. Balance it to fit your needs and make sure your community is actually enjoying it.

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Why and when you shouldn’t be using levels

Now to the things speaking against leveling systems:

  • Chat just for the sake of gaining XP – drowns real conversations
  • Can encourage spam
  • Systems often relatively easy to abuse
  • Levels provide no real value
  • Rewards quantity over quality

As you can see the points speaking against a leveling system are mainly centered around the quality of chat.

If your server is centered around quality discussions, real content and a professional environment then you shouldn’t be using a level system. It usually isn’t worth the reduction in chat quality and people are going to care more about serious conversations than a fancy color.

Our stance

Now that we’ve shown the pros and cons of levels, let’s talk about how we use leveling systems in our servers. Our general Discord philosophy is the following quote:

Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.

-Antione de Saint-Exupery

This means that we have a certain base of things we put in all of our servers. These features are mostly based around logging, moderation, and security. When we have established that base we ask ourselves: “Does this feature really improve the quality and user experience of the Discord?” and only if both we and our community answer it with yes we can fully implement a feature.

A leveling system is no exception to that rule. That’s why we do not use it on our “professional” servers, but lots of our game servers feature one. It really depends on the circumstances and the community you have in your Discord.

Keep in mind that you can always test something like this and if it doesn’t work ou throw it out again after a week. To involve your community in such decisions is very important, but you also have to control it. Your community might like it, but if you notice that a feature makes your community go into a direction you don’t want it to go then don’t use the feature.

An example of this might that your servers becomes off-topic and casual over time because you give in too often and implement too many features. Many servers actually have this problem and you can watch them transform from a server focused on a single topic to a general hangout server over the course of weeks.

That’s it!

We hope you could learn something about leveling systems and gained the knowledge needed to make a decision for your server. If you still have questions, would like to further discuss or simply chat with our community please join our server down below. Have a good day 😀

The best Discord Level Bots 2019

Discord level bots are gaining popularity quickly. Whether they are useful or not is debatable but what’s certain is that some people absolutely love them. Essentially these bots allow your users to gain experience bots by participating in the chat. Once they reach certain levels they are rewarded with roles. These roles can give them access to a new color, secret channels and much more.

What all good level Bots offer

Some features are the same across all the level bots listed down below:

  • Users gain XP by sending messages in chat
  • You can limit XP rates to prevent spam
  • The bots offer the leveling as only a small part of their features (AmariBot is an exception)
  • There’s a way for users to check their rank and a server/global leaderboard
  • Roles can be given as rewards

Those are the main notable shared features. We do recommend to test multiple of the options down below, as only you know which features you need.

Note that we only tested the free version of each bot down below.

Our top level bot choices



AmariBot is a dedicated level bot. This means that it currently offers no other major features and the devs focus on the level system alone. While at this stage it doesn’t have too many extraordinary features, the bot has all the basics. The existing commands and rank cards/leaderboards look good and the functionality is solid. We’re looking forward to the features which might be added in the future!



Gaius Play


The “Play” version of Gaius focuses on level systems and fun commands. The existing level system has all the basic features needed with customization options to ramp up level times, send custom messages and so on. The bot can give xp for time spent in voice chats, which is a feature most other Discord bots don’t offer. The Patron-only version of the bot also features tree-leveling, which means users can choose different level paths when they level up. Its a feature we didn’t find anywhere else, so if you need that Gaius Play might be worth a look!





Tatsumaki is a very much feature-filled bot. The leveling is only a small part of the range of commands, but it works great. Tatsumaki was one of the first bots to properly implement a level system and features customizability and global ranks and levels across all Discord Servers with the bot. There are also fancy and customizable stat and rank cards for each user.



Honorable mention



Mee6 has a great leveling system with a clean web dashboard. The devs sadly recently decided to make the leveling feature premium only, which means you’ll have to pay to access it. We still want to include the bot on this list as we used to use the leveling system on most of our servers before the change and if you’re using the bot for other features as well it is definitely worth looking into.



How we evaluate Discord Bots

We at try to give our users the best possible experience. Part of what we offer are bot reviews and recommendations, so let’s talk about how we evaluate Discord bots.

There are actually multiple different factors we consider to create a bot rating. A great bot scores well in all of them and some are simply mandatory for a bot to be useful at all. Let’s start the list!


We are in no way affiliated with any of the bots or their developers. Transparency and providing actual value to our readers is much more important to us. The bots presented on our website are always the best choice from our own experience, therefore the only thing that might happen is that a good bot is not listed on our website because we simply haven’t tested it. If you feel like one is missing please notify us on our Discord!


This is one of the most important factors for us. A bot is worth nothing if you can’t actually use it. This factor is one of the baseline factors and all bots which don’t have an uptime of over 95% won’t even be considered. Obviously, this doesn’t apply to all bots as there are bots which don’t actually need to be online insider your server to work.


The easier a bot is to understand, the better. A user should generally be able to use a bot intuitively. This can’t always apply, as some discord bots simply offer very advanced and technical features but generally users should be able to understand what is going on.

Bot standards like a help command, a feature to change the command prefix or even translations are also considered in this category.


It should be easy for users to get a list of all features and commands a discord bot has to offer. A complete documentation should give directions for every feature a bot has to offer. Also, it should allow users to utilize the full potential of the bot without asking on a support server etc.


A dedicated way of support for a bot is crucial. Users should always be able to contact support staff in one way or another and then also receive proper help. We evaluate this by actually testing the support and looking at factors like response time and quality of help received.


Next up are the features a bot has to offer. How we evaluate these is dependant on the nature of the bot. A security bot should offer as many security features as possible and also have them implemented in a proper way. Other bots like music bots have a whole different set of features they should cover.

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Discord is getting regular updates and the bots which run on it should, too! Updates allow the developers to add new features, improve existing ones or simply improve the stability and security of a bot.

Web Dashboard

There aren’t too many discord bots which offer a web dashboard, but it can definitely be a massive quality of life improvement. Especially newer users often struggle with commands and a dashboard can really help them out.


We run lots of Discord servers, ranging from a few hundred to thousands of members in different niches. These environments allow us to test bots on a large scale to find out how useful they are in the real world. Too often do features sound nice on paper just to remain unused in a discord server.

Comparing specific features

Many discord bots do the same thing. Almost every bot has the option to ban or kick users and so it is important to us to actually compare bots. Only that way we can find the best bots and recommend them to our readers with a clean conscience.

Any recommendations?

Do you think that there’s an important factor we aren’t considering? Let us know in our Discord server down below!

You can also find our favorite bots over here: Bots

The best Discord Music Bots 2019

Music bots are probably the most well-known type of discord bots. No wonder there are tons of options to choose from. The reality is that most of those bots offer the same core set of features and then add something on top of that to become something unique. In this list, we want to cover what all of the good and popular music bots have in common and then recommend some we tested. Let’s jump right in!

 What all good music bots offer

As said above, there are some features which pretty much all music bots in the list down below feature in one way or another. These features are:

  • Playing music from YouTube
  • Good audio quality
  • Some kind of permission system
  • Ability to play playlists

Due to all of them being pretty similar we recommend you simply test them out. Every user is looking for something slightly different and one of the bots might offer that one feature you desperately need!

Note that we only tested the free version of each of the bots down below.

Our top Discord music bot choices



Rythm is just a really solid and clean Discord bot. The core features which set it apart are really good sound quality, the web dashboard, their lyrics command and their autoplay feature.





This bot might seem confusing when you first look at the website but once you figure it out it is a good music bot. Has a permission system and offers the ability to self-host it. The whole bot is open source and has a wide range of integrations to play from different sources.





DabBot is just a general quality music bot you should check out. Offers lots of radio stations to choose from.





Hime, like DabBot, is a good general choice but offers the added feature of having neither queue limits nor duration caps. If you’re looking for a free music bot with those features definitely check it out!





Because the 24/7 Bot is pretty much the only free and publicly hosted bot which allows for 24/7 music in your Discord server. In our testing, we noticed some lower audio quality though.



That’s it!

We hope you could gain some insights from this article on the best discord music bots. If you still have questions, want to provide feedback or simply chat with us please join the Discord down below. Have a great day!

The best ways to advertise Discord Servers

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This is the question all server owners ask themselves at some point. It’s not always the question they should be asking, but that’s not the point of this article. We have grown servers to tens of thousands of members using the strategies down below. We know that there are lots of popular ways people like to advertise discord servers which we won’t list down below. However, the strategies here are what we really used and what we had success with. Let’s jump right in!

1. Have a presence outside of Discord

This includes social media accounts for the discord, recruitment posts in forums and listing your server everywhere else you can. Creating the accounts is not enough though, you’ll have to actively interact with and reach out to people.

This point simply makes sense, if you’re in more places at the same time then more people are going to see your server. Things you can post include screenshots from your community (with permission), news around the topic of your community and so on. This requires some creativity, but the returns can be amazing and that’s why it’s one of the best ways to advertise discord servers.

2. Create content

This is very much related to the first point. If you create content around the topic of your server yourself, you can get attention and users to consume it.

You could, for example, write articles or make videos and then include a link to your Discord. If you do this properly you will not only be able to grow as a content creator but grow your Discord too. However, this point requires you to be genuinely interested in the topic and ready to invest time.

3. Offer value

Give people a reason to join your Discord. This works for all types of Discords, you just have to sit down and think of something you can do. Have weekly game nights, give people advice or answer their questions once a week if you’re an expert on something…

This is hard to specify in an article as it is very much about how unique you can make your Discord. Being unique and offering value and then telling people outside of your Discord about it is one of the best ways to advertise discord servers.

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4. Treat it like a business

This might sound extreme to a lot of you, but if your goal is simply growing your Discord Server, then treating it like a business is the best way to go.

Now first, this doesn’t apply to most of you, the people reading this. Why? Because your real goal is not growing your Discord, it is something else. We’ll have a guide on finding your Discord goals up soon.

Second, this doesn’t mean working on your Server eight hours a day or pouring money into it. It simply means looking at the whole operation in a strategic and thoughtful way. If the users are your customers, how can you sell your Discord to them? Once you understand the general approach to this you’ll know how to advertise discord servers and grow them to where you really want them to be.

That’s it!

Those are our tested and real ways of growing your Discord server. In the long-term, the methods described above will make you grow to where you want to be and have a healthy and engaged community on top of that. We know that spamming and partnerships with hundreds of server seem tempting at first and might gain you a lot of users. However, always keep in mind that you’ll be happier with an engaged community of 25 people, not with 1000 who don’t care. We hope you could take something from this article, please let us know what you think about it and how you advertise discord server in our discord down below!

Discord for Content Creators

Nowadays lots of big content creators on platforms like YouTube have a Discord Server. In this article, we’ll go over the benefits you can gain by having a Server, talk about what you need and then go over how we can help you. Stay tuned for more!

The benefits

A Discord Server is your own Community Space

Unlike on other social media platforms, you make the rules on Discord. You decide what’s allowed and what isn’t which can prove to be a major benefit. It allows you for much more freedom than conventional social media while also giving you some level of control over your community. This is a big factor once your audience grows and you start feeling disconnected from your viewers.

Viewer relationships

The relationship with your viewers is very important in building a positive community. However, content creators often start struggling to maintain that relationship once their audience grows over a specific threshold. Discord comes in handy in providing a secluded space dedicated to you and your community. The nature of chat s much more personal than sending tweets or commenting on YouTube. This allows for real conversations between you and your supporters which is something everyone can benefit from.


People inside your Discord will generally be interested in your content. This means that using it to announce your content or events is going to reach all the people you want to reach. This factor has become much more important in recent times, where subscribers often don’t receive the notifications they were supposed to receive. Attention shouldn’t be the reason why content creators make their Discord, but it is definitely a benefit.

Positive reinforcement

Being surrounded by people who genuinely enjoy your content is extremely valuable. Nothing can help you more than posting something and receiving positivity and genuine feedback. On other social media, you will often find a mix of support, genuine criticism and hate. Discord as a platform tends to be more supportive and we have made great experiences using it for our own content creation.


The platform itself is fairly customizable but once you add bots to it the real fun begins. There are thousands of options to choose from and especially for content creators on various platforms support is guaranteed. Whether you need automatic stream announcements, Patreon integrations, social media tweets or features like moderation and security, Discord offers it all.

Partner Program

This one is especially interesting for all the Content Creators out there, as Discord actually has their own Partner Program. Benefits include a cool hoodie, better Servers, and even more customization options. Definitely worth checking out!

What you need

You’ll need a Discord Server (absolutely free), Staff who runs the server (usually volunteers) and some knowledge of the platform.

We recommend checking out our eBooks and guides on this website to gain knowledge on all of those. It isn’t too complicated if you learn it the right way and your community should be up and running in no time!

Problems you might face

  • Trolls
  • Raids
  • Various community-related problems
  • Staff issues
  • Security issues

Those are the main things that could potentially cause trouble in your servers. Thankfully most of them can be avoided by training staff properly, having clear rules and making sure your Server is set up in the best way possible.

Our Services

We, the DiscordTutorial team, have dedicated our time to the Discord platform. We gained our knowledge through years of running Servers ranging from a few hundred to thousands of people. It’s hard to find proper information and guides for Discord, that’s why we created this website.

Now we want to use this knowledge to actually help content creators and aspiring community owners.

You can buy a full Discord Server Setup, which includes consultation, Server Settings, bots an everything else you need. We offer customer support and revisions on top of that and promise to deliver a product which is worthy of your audience.

If you’re interested please visit Our Shop or join our Discord Server down below to ask any questions you might have. We’re ready to take your Community to a new level 😀

How to understand every Discord Bot

Discord bots are complicated, confusing and frustrating. That’s the experience a lot of Discord users have, but it doesn’t have to be that way. It’s not hard to understand discord bots once you figure out the basics.

Why’s that? Because there are settings and commands which are the same across 95% of Discord bots. We’ve set up dozens of them so you don’t have to. Let’s jump right into the list!

Thumbnail picture source: Background vector created by freepik –


If a bot has commands you can put into Discord it usually also has a prefix.

A prefix is the thing you have to put in front of a command to make the bot recognize it as a command. Usually, it’ll only be a single character like !, ?, /, or + . Knowing this prefix is the first and most important thing you should look at for every bot. You should be able to find it somewhere around the place where you found the bot itself.

The help command

Next thing to note is that pretty much all bots have a help command. The command usually displays all commands a bot has or maybe has some additional help. This is the first step to understand discord bots in general. The command is useful to keep note of for future reference.

An example:!help

Structure to commands

Bot developers put some thought into their bots. Even if they don’t, they still try to organize them in a way that’ll allow themselves to understand their bot and find everything. That’s why there’s usually a structure to all the commands a bot has to offer. Usually, they are called “categories” or “modules”. They often range from “Moderation” to “Fun” commands. Separate the commands and go through them step-by-step, category by category. That’s a good way to not be overwhelmed and learn every feature a bot has to offer.

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Test everything

Before you install your first bot in your server you should create a test server. You don’t have to put too much thought into it, but if you really want to go the safe route make it an identical copy to your “real” server. You don’t have to make this public or invite anyone else. Just invite all the bots that interest you and play around with them. We also recommend making a second Discord account to test commands and features with. Only actually using bots will help you understand discord bots.

Support server

Every major public bot also has some kind of support system. Most of them have a dedicated support Discord server.

If you’re going to use a bot make sure to also join the support server. It’s the best ways to quickly get answers to all the questions you have. You can also get solutions to problems that come up and important announcements like downtimes. The people doing the support in those servers usually do it in their free time so please treat them with patience and respect and your issues will be resolved quickly 😀


Sadly this takes a lot for time for bot devs to create and most don’t properly create a documentation. Documentation allows you to go and check everything a bot has to offer. It is definitely advised to take a look at it if it is available. You’ll often find out how exactly a command works or even find a command you’ve never seen before.

Still don’t think you’ll understand Discord Bots?

Well then join our Discord down below and ask all the questions you have. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can 😀

The best Discord bot for beginners

Discord can be confusing, especially when you are just creating your first server. There are lots to set up and before you know it your server is getting raided. Understanding how Discord itself works is the first challenge but bots are just as important. This guide is going to introduce you to our top pick for your first bot.


Dyno is our choice for the best beginners bot. It offers a wide range of useful features, but what makes it the best beginners bot is the web dashboard and superb support. By using Dyno you both get a good all-round Discord bot that has all the vital features necessary for moderation and logs and you can learn how to use discord bots in general in an easy and forgiving way.


Official Dyno website:

Official Dyno support Discord:

Uptime 4/5

Dyno goes offline from time to time but usually, that is related to Discord outages. And when it wasn’t, the developers managed to fix it very quickly each time during the months of us using the bot. Overall the uptime wasn’t any big problem here.

Comprehensiveness 5/5

The bot offers a web dashboard, which makes the initial setup very easy to understand. There’s also tooltips on the website explaining almost everything. The commands of the bot itself are easily comprehensible and users can understand what a command is supposed to do by only its syntax. The bot prefix can be changed and help is easily available.

Documentation 5/5

Again, the website does a great job of explaining what each command does. Some commands might require a bit of a deeper understanding to immediately understand, but that’s where the support staff can answer questions quickly.

Support 5/5

I don’t think I have ever encountered better support for Discord bots than in the dyno support server. Response time is quick and issues of all sorts are usually dealt with in a nice and respectful way. Just make sure to show the same attitude when coming there with a problem 😀

[thrive_leads id=’97’]

Features 3/5

The bot offers a lot of different features and from our experience, it isn’t the best option at all of them. Its strong points are moderation, logging, roles, the tag system, info, and the afk system. All of these work really well and cover the vital needs a server has. Especially beginners should find all features to satisfy their needs. Aside from that it also offers things like music, fun commands, and other misc stuff. However, you can find better alternatives for almost all of those.

Updates 4/5

Dyno has an active and dedicated staff and development team who continually work on new updates. The bot just got a new public overhaul of the web dashboard which was a major upgrade from the last one. New commands weren’t added much to the bot recently (at least not many useful ones) but that can probably be explained with the focus on the new dashboard. Overall this bot is everything else than abandoned.

Web Dashboard 5/5

Dyno has a web dashboard and it works really well. The design is intuitive, changes are recognized by the bot quickly and all the options you could wish for are in it. One of the most complete Discord bot dashboards around.

Usefulness 3/5

Dyno offers all the features a server needs and many more on top of that. From our experience, Moderation and Security are the most important features a server absolutely needs to have. Dyno offers great moderation capabilities but we would wish for it to offer better security systems in terms of anti raid protection, filters, and automated systems.

Overall Score: 4.25/5

Dyno is one of the best all-around solutions for a single bot around. It offers exactly what beginners need to learn the basics of Discord bots quickly and can compete with some of the most intricate bots around. It’s the first bot we used and we could safely be using it right now on servers with thousands of members. The only reason we aren’t is that we prefer tailored solutions towards the specific needs of our discord instead of one bot to do them all.

Quick guide to Discord’s mention system

Discord has a very straight forward notification system. There are a few different ways for regular users and server owners/ people with the right permissions to mention (tag) one or more persons on Discord. Let’s get right into it!

Direct Messages

People can send you direct messages over Discord. Think of this as a personal chat with only a single person (or multiple persons in a group chat). You will usually get a notification for each message they send (unless you disabled notifications in your Discord Settings)

Personal Mentions

Insider Servers people can tag you. Tags are made by putting an @ in chat, followed by the name of a person. So to tag the user M0m#0001, you have to type @M0m#0001 in chat. These notifications can be disabled for each server you are in individually.

@everyone and @here

These two tags are usually limited to staff members on Discord Servers. @everyone mentions every person who can see the channel the tag was posted in, while @here only mentions the people who are both online at the time of the message containing the tag and can see the channel it was posted in.

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Role Mentions

Roles in Servers can be made mentionable in the Server Settings. Mentioning the role is going to notify all users who have the role. These types of tags can sadly not be disabled. So the only way of evading them is to either not have the role that is being mentioned, change the role settings or leave the server.

Still got questions?

We hope we explained everything about Discord mentions in this guide. If there are still unanswered questions please ask them in our Discord Server down below.

If you want to know how to instantly improve your Discord Permission system click here and if Discord bots are what you’re after please pay our Bot recommendations a visit!