PartyBeast – The best Discord Bot for temporary voice channels

It is not uncommon for large servers to have dozens of empty voice channels ready in case someone needs them.

Cluttered Voice Channels are not only a pain to keep track of, but also drastically impair the user experience on your Server.

PartyBeast solves this issue completely by only creating voice channels when they are needed and deleting them automatically after you’re done using them.

It also adds extra features, like allowing users to rename or lock their temporary voice channels.

Disclaimer: Krankie, the Developer of PartyBeast, is a friend of mine. The bot was developed to solve problems created by too many voice channels and it does just that perfectly. That’s why I’ve decided to showcase it here.

What is PartyBeast?

PartyBeast is a free Discord Bot for temporary voice channels. It automatically creates voice channels when they are needed and deletes them after the users leave, without requiring commands on their end.

On top of that, it comes with some extra features like allowing users to lock their voice channels so no one else can join.

How do the temporary voice channels work?

Once you set PartyBeast up, you’ll have a permanent voice channel in your Server (“Join Here!” in the image)

Whenever someone joins the “Join Here!” Voice channel, a new room is automatically created and they are moved into that room (“M0m’s Room” in the example)

As soon as all users leave the created channel, it is automatically deleted again.



  • Really good at what it does
  • Has most customization options you could ask for
  • Reacts quickly
  • Channel locking allows users to have control over their voice session, making moderation much easier
  • Multiple Categories in a single server to support stuff like different team sizes for games


  • Discord limitations sometimes cause issues like channels not being deleted properly. Sadly nothing bot devs can do to fix this.
  • Currently has no web dashboard (might be in the works, ETA unknown)
  • Currently has no temporary text channels feature


Overall, PartyBeast is a super solid and easy to use bot which supports servers of any size efficiently.

Setup guide

Step 1: Invite PartyBeast

You can invite the bot here

Step 2: Make Sure PartyBeast has all the required permissions

PartyBeast requires all these permissions to work correctly:

  • Manage Channels
  • Manage Roles
  • Read Messages
  • View Channel
  • Send Messages
  • Move Members

Make sure it has all of them in the channels you want to use it in. For a more in-depth explanation of the required permissions, check out the official documentation for PartyBeast.

Step 3: Use the setup command

Once you have invited the bot, type !pbSetup in chat in a channel PartyBeast can see. The bot will then create a new category and a new voice channel. At this point, you can already use the temporary voice channels!

Step 4: Customize the channels

You can change the name of the category and the channel as you wish. If you add a User limit to the PartyBeast voice channel, all automatically created voice channels will inherit it.

Automatically created voice channels inherit their permission settings from the category they are in.

By default, automatic channels are named after the username of the person who creates them with the suffix “‘s Room”. Meaning that when a user with the username M0m creates a new channel, it will be named “M0m’s room”.

You can change this by typing !pbRoomName in chat.

Step 5: Customize the Bot

If you want users to be able to lock their own channels, enable the feature by typing !pblock enable in chat.

For room renaming, type !pbrename enable in chat.

Users can now use the following PartyBeast commands in your Server:

!pblock – Locks your voice channel so no one can join

!pbinvite @user – Invites a user to your locked channel

!pbunlock – Unlocks your voice channel again

!pbrename – Renames your voice channel

There are more in-depth customization options available. This includes changing the category automatic voice channels appear in and some other features. You can check them out in the official documentation.

If temporary voice channels are what you’re looking for, give PartyBeast a try!

The bot works great with the Jockie Music bot, which allows you to have 4 music bots in your server at once. Combining both bots means a very clean system that supports lots of users listening to music.

You can read more about Jockie in my article on the best Discord music bots.

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