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Quick guide to Discord’s mention system

Discord has a very straight forward notification system. There are a few different ways for regular users and server owners/ people with the right permissions to mention (tag) one or more persons on Discord. Let’s get right into it!

Direct Messages

People can send you direct messages over Discord. Think of this as a personal chat with only a single person (or multiple persons in a group chat). You will usually get a notification for each message they send (unless you disabled notifications in your Discord Settings)

Personal Mentions

Insider Servers people can tag you. Tags are made by putting an @ in chat, followed by the name of a person. So to tag the user M0m#0001, you have to type @M0m#0001 in chat. These notifications can be disabled for each server you are in individually.

@everyone and @here

These two tags are usually limited to staff members on Discord Servers. @everyone mentions every person who can see the channel the tag was posted in, while @here only mentions the people who are both online at the time of the message containing the tag and can see the channel it was posted in.

[thrive_leads id=’97’]

Role Mentions

Roles in Servers can be made mentionable in the Server Settings. Mentioning the role is going to notify all users who have the role. These types of tags can sadly not be disabled. So the only way of evading them is to either not have the role that is being mentioned, change the role settings or leave the server.

Still got questions?

We hope we explained everything about Discord mentions in this guide. If there are still unanswered questions please ask them in our Discord Server down below.

If you want to know how to instantly improve your Discord Permission system click here and if Discord bots are what you’re after please pay our Bot recommendations a visit!

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