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The best Discord Music Bots in 2021

Music Bots are probably the most popular Discord bots. There’s a ton of them and it’s really hard to choose which one to use on your Server.

That’s why I’ve tested all popular options for this list and even managed to find some hidden gems! I also left a lot of inferior bots and versions out to make sure this list allows you to make the best choice possible.

Self-hosted bots have been excluded for simplicity.

I am not affiliated with the creators or owners of any of these bots.[toc]

Jockie Music Bot logo

My top choice: Jockie Music

I had never heard of Jockie Music before doing research for this guide but I was blown away by the number of features it offers for free.

The sound quality is great, the permission system allows for in-depth customization and I really like that it has the option to give the owner of each music session full control over who can do what for that session, rendering a DJ role obsolete.

Unique features

  • You can have the bot in your server 4 times. All versions will use the same prefix, meaning four voice channels can have the music bot at once, while using the same commands
  • A huge amount of customization and commands. From finding lyrics over saving custom playlists to playing a guess the song game with your friends, Jockie has it all for free and without any voting requirements. My personal favorites include the option to resume one of your last music sessions and autoplay, which will automatically add new songs to the queue based on YouTube recommendations.
  • Free commands which are usually locked behind premium or voting. This includes changing the volume, playing Spotify playlists (over YouTube), and games.
  • No clutter. Jockie is a music bot, not more, and not less. It has no useless commands which don’t fit its theme.
  • Great Premium value. For only 1$ a month you can get access to its premium features like music filters and more playlists your users can save, as well as the ability to preview upcoming updates


  • No web dashboard. Currently, there is no real dashboard to customize the bot, you can only see statistics like the most played song
  • Setup can be complicated if you’re new to Discord Bots. There are a ton of commands and options which can be overwhelming. The bot works great out of the box, but it is something to be aware of if you want to customize it to your needs.
  • The Premium version does not currently improve audio quality. You do not currently get a dedicated bot for premium servers if you pay for it, which means sound quality won’t increase. This is a Patreon goal and the bot is only 25$ a month away from reaching it, so this will probably be implemented soon.

Best free music bot alternatives

This section only focuses on the free versions of bots, lots of the drawbacks shown here might be remedied in the respective bots premium version, which can be found in the next section.

Vexera Logo


Vexera offers great sound quality and a web dashboard, as well as support for lots of different languages. It is mainly a music bot, but also offers lots of other features like moderation or welcome messages.

The thing Vexera excels at is visuals. The website, dashboard, and especially the embeds it sends into chat when announcing songs are all very nice.

It’s probably the best option if you care about aesthetics, visuals, and good music quality. Also, it’s great for non-English speaking communities.

Drawbacks are the small amount of music-related commands and the lack of features like Spotify support.



Groovy offers exceptional audio quality, is very easy to use and clutter-free. It’s simple and great at what it does, with a well-designed website.

You can put it in your server and it works right away, making it a very good option for people who are new to Discord bots or really care about audio quality.

Drawbacks are the lack of a web dashboard and more advanced music features. I’d also like nicer embeds when the bot announces songs etc.

Rythm Music Bot logo


If you have paid attention to Discord bots over the past years, then you’ve definitely heard of Rythm. It’s the most popular Music Bot with millions of Users.

It is really solid, features most commands you could ask for, has good quality, and great support. It is good at what it does and surely a great choice if you’re used to it or none of the other bots could convince you.

However, I’ve been struggling to find features that make Rythm unique. It has a great and solid base, but as of now, that’s it. Other bots have long caught up to the features which once set Rythm apart.

Honorable Mentions

Hydra bot Logo


Hydras main selling point is it’s unique design. Once invited and set up, you’ll have a dedicated text channel for music, which looks really nice and features a custom embed.

Songs can be paused, skipped, saved, and much more using simple reactions, drastically removing the need to use commands. This allows for a very smooth and professional user experience.

Image of the Hydra channel feature
Hydra features a unique system which automatically deletes messages and displays the current song

Aside from that, it comes with average quality and different permission levels for commands.

Drawbacks are the occasional quality issues and lack of more advanced commands. I also personally prefer Jockies Permission system over this one, but that’s largely up to personal preference.

Octave Music Bot logo


Octave is included here because it allows users access to various commands like music filters, changing song speed, or the global bot volume without premium or a need to vote.

The quality is alright, so if those are the features you are specifically looking for in a free music bot, give it a shot!

Tony Logo


Tony made this list because it pretty much is a 24/7 music bot. The website claims that’s a patron-only feature, but I found it still playing music the next day while I was testing. I do not currently know if that’s intended or not.

If it is, then Tony probably offers the best music quality out of the free 24/7 Music Bots I’ve tested. Tony also features a wide range of possible music filters and effects, but they are locked behind voting.

Best premium music bot alternatives

If you’re willing to spend some money on a music bot, then these are your best options.

Prices are based on the price for one server. Yearly/lifetime subscription prices have not been included.

Vexera Logo

Vexera Premium

Price: 3$ a month, 5$ a month to get a separate instance, 2 Bots in your server at the same time, and guaranteed uptime and stability

Added Features

  • 24/7 Music
  • Better Audio Quality
  • Spotify Playlist Support
  • Http Streams
  • Volume & Bass control
  • Autoplay
Groovy Logo

Groovy Premium

Price: 3.99$ a month or 39.99$ a year

Added Features

  • 24/7 Music
  • Lots of Audio effects
  • Up to 3 instances of the bot in your Server
  • Volume control
  • Saved queues

Vexera Premium vs Groovy Premium

They both offer lots of similar things for a similar price. Vexera has a web dashboard and non-music features while Groovy allows you to have more instances of the bot in your server and features more available music effects.

Mee6 Logo

Mee6 Premium

Price: 5€ a month (5.41$) or 35€ a year (37.85$)

Mee6 is a very complete Discord bot with awesome design. Music is only a small part of the features you will get access to when purchasing Mee6 Premium.

Mee6 offers great sound quality, a very nice web dashboard with a visual controller for your music and a music quiz game to play with friends. Also, it has a 24/7 music feature and allows you to globally change the volume.

That being said, Mee6 Premium is a great option if you’re going to use its other features like moderation or leveling. However, the price and lack of advanced music features or effects do not make it a good choice if you’re going to use it solely for music.

Tony Music Bot Logo

Tony Premium

Price: 1$ a month, or 2$ a month to also get one premium server

Added features

  • 24/7 Music
  • No need to vote for effects anymore
  • Higher quality if you get the 2$ option

If you’re short on money then Tony Premium is a good option for a cheap, quality 24/7 Music Bot.

How to add music bots to Discord

If you’re struggling with this, I recommend starting with a beginner-friendly bot like Groovy.

Simply click on any of the bot names in the list to get to their website and then search for the “add bot” or “invite bot” button.

Click that and a windows will open where you can select the Server you want to add the bot to. Be aware that you need at least “Manage Server” permissions in a server to do this.

Once the bot is added, search for “commands” or “documentation” on the bot website to find out which commands it responds to!

If you’re still struggling with any part of this, please let me know in the comments down below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

That’s it for this list! I hope it helped you make a decision, I put a lot of effort into testing each music bot individually and giving them all a chance. A lot of them sadly didn’t end up making the list at all.

If you liked this article, make sure to check out the Discord Section to find more, or jump right to the next article and find out which leveling bots are the best for your Discord server!

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