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How to understand every Discord Bot

Discord bots are complicated, confusing and frustrating. That’s the experience a lot of Discord users have, but it doesn’t have to be that way. It’s not hard to understand discord bots once you figure out the basics.

Why’s that? Because there are settings and commands which are the same across 95% of Discord bots. We’ve set up dozens of them so you don’t have to. Let’s jump right into the list!

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If a bot has commands you can put into Discord it usually also has a prefix.

A prefix is the thing you have to put in front of a command to make the bot recognize it as a command. Usually, it’ll only be a single character like !, ?, /, or + . Knowing this prefix is the first and most important thing you should look at for every bot. You should be able to find it somewhere around the place where you found the bot itself.

The help command

Next thing to note is that pretty much all bots have a help command. The command usually displays all commands a bot has or maybe has some additional help. This is the first step to understand discord bots in general. The command is useful to keep note of for future reference.

An example:!help

Structure to commands

Bot developers put some thought into their bots. Even if they don’t, they still try to organize them in a way that’ll allow themselves to understand their bot and find everything. That’s why there’s usually a structure to all the commands a bot has to offer. Usually, they are called “categories” or “modules”. They often range from “Moderation” to “Fun” commands. Separate the commands and go through them step-by-step, category by category. That’s a good way to not be overwhelmed and learn every feature a bot has to offer.

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Test everything

Before you install your first bot in your server you should create a test server. You don’t have to put too much thought into it, but if you really want to go the safe route make it an identical copy to your “real” server. You don’t have to make this public or invite anyone else. Just invite all the bots that interest you and play around with them. We also recommend making a second Discord account to test commands and features with. Only actually using bots will help you understand discord bots.

Support server

Every major public bot also has some kind of support system. Most of them have a dedicated support Discord server.

If you’re going to use a bot make sure to also join the support server. It’s the best ways to quickly get answers to all the questions you have. You can also get solutions to problems that come up and important announcements like downtimes. The people doing the support in those servers usually do it in their free time so please treat them with patience and respect and your issues will be resolved quickly 😀


Sadly this takes a lot for time for bot devs to create and most don’t properly create a documentation. Documentation allows you to go and check everything a bot has to offer. It is definitely advised to take a look at it if it is available. You’ll often find out how exactly a command works or even find a command you’ve never seen before.

Still don’t think you’ll understand Discord Bots?

Well then join our Discord down below and ask all the questions you have. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can 😀

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